When i was grocery shopping at costco i thought i would take a look at the motorola xoom abd atrix 4G.

Atrix was fast, sleek, durable, and the touch screen was very responsive as almost all android screens are.
I did notice that it is not near as easy to break as say the iphone because it doesnt slip as easy.

The motorola xoom was an interesting device in my opinion. It seemed very fast and i think it would be a good computer replacement for anyone. It has lots of extra goodies in the android version 3.0 honeycomb. Like multitasking tools that other android versions do not have.
Of course i could not check battery life because i dont actually own these devices. I do however own a Samsung Captivate. I totally love the device and am actually using it now to post this blog.

You have a great day and if you have any questions contact me anytime via twitter @worldtechguru


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