Have you ever heard of Linux? 
Most people haven’t, even some geeks haven’t.
Seems like whenever I talk about Linux operating systems with people theya re always like “…What’s that…?” I always say “It’s another operating system like Windows” they either say “oh ok” or they’ll say “what’s an operating system” 

In this blog post I will talk about what Linux is, What an Operating System is and the top Linux distributions.

Linux is an operating system that runs on a PC or in some cases a Mac. It was one of the first operating systems just as Windows and Mac was. It is based from Unix and is one of the most reliable and virus-free operating systems.

An operating system (also abbreviated as OS) is The software that supports a  computer’s basic functions. Such as scheduling tasks, executing applications, and more! Basically an operating system is the software that runs all the hardware on a computer.

There are many distributions for Linux. The most common ones are Ubuntu, Linux MInt, and SUSE.

Ubuntu has always been the distro I have always liked. I really like Linux Mint though. I don’t however like SUSE that much. For some reason SUSE didn’t seem that stable and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) didn’t click that well with me, it seemed really cheesy almost like it was meant for kids.

Ubuntu is a lot like mac where LM and SUSE is a lot like Windows. 

Want to try it?
Check out ubuntu at: http://ubuntu.com
Linux Mint: http://linuxmint.com
Open SUSE: htttp://opensuse.com

Have any questions? Need help? Share your comments below. 

Have a great day!

-Jameel Alayyan


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