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>Why I do not like the iPhone!


I dislike iphones for several reasons. The reasons are more because of technical incapabilities than anything.

1) first off their screens are not as responsive as Android phones(no matter how much you change the setting)

2) Can’t change the battery. This is a must for me

3) Technical support is always going to be via Apple Genius bar and AT&T/Verizon legally cannot help you (because of their contract). Plus I hate the “Genius Bar”. They just have a bunch of jerks working at them that don’t know crap and are really ignorant.

4) Why should you have to open an application, just to get to widgets/gadgets. Kind of defeats the purpose of widgets. (which is that they are supposed to be on your home screen, kind like how Windows vista and Windows 7 has the gadgets/sidebar on the desktop. But then again, Apple being stupid again; On mac OS X they have a separate application on the dock called “dashboard” that contains your widgets. Another fail because they are supposed to be on your home screen/desktop/wallpaper.

5) Signal issues, I have heard over and over that you do not get very good signal because of the lousy design. It is kind of stupid to place the antennae on the outside of the phone; where your hands go.

6) You should not have to “Jailbreak” your phone just to be able to be free. It’s all about freedom these days. Do you know about how America wanted to be free, and it ended up being free. It’s kinda like that with Google and Apple/Blackberry/Microsoft/etc. Google wants people to have freedom and not be stuck to terms of the code, the license, etc. So basically anyone like your or me can sell the Android OS and make a crap load of money + Google won’t mind.

7) Google is a much larger company than Apple + I trust them more as I have been using them since it came out & had an account with them since I was like 11 or 12. I now have several Google accounts because I love them so much.

8) DOES NOT TAKE SD CARDS!!! I need my phone to take SD cards along with the internal storage. So people like me in this case will buy an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy S phones and have 16GB of internal storage + be able to insert up to a 32GB sd card for extra storage. Some people that go cheap on their Android phones (it all depends on the model) end up with one that doesn’t have much of an internal storage card so they are stuck with the 8, 16, or 32 GB SD card that they have to purchase separately. (that’s why some complain)

9)  Very VERY VERY slow at times. I know when I have tested the iphone and used other people’s iphone that it gets very slow at times, and of course like I mentioned earlier, it  isn’t that responsive.

10) Does not have Dual Core processing support (up to 2GHz speeds). My phone doesn’t have this, but phones like the Motorola Atrix does. If you need to have double the speeds, you can’t with the iphone.

11) Not enough apps and Apple controls the app store too much. I love the freedom and ALL THE apps that Android has. I also love the capability to go on any computer and remotely install apps. (Check that out:

12) Easy to damage. One drop without a screen protector or case and the “glassy” screen will bust into pieces. There went my 200+ dollars.. which brings me to the next reason…

13) COST! Who would want to pay 200+ dollars for a fricken phone that is a year+ older and not get all of the above and all of the needs met?

14) Music playing isn’t near as good and you are stuck to itunes, which also sucks.

15) Lack of notifications. (on android you just pull down that bar on the top of the screen and you have all your notifications plus a few quick settings.

16) Doesn’t support 4G!!! Android phones support 4G networks.

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