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>Apple Without Steve Jobs


Have you ever thought what Apple would be like without Steve Jobs?

I had found out in January that Steve Jobs (APPLE CEO) was diagnosed a few years back with pancreatic cancer (Cancer that affects the Pancreas). I was told that he may have only 9 weeks to live. Well it’s barely past that but at the same time I was thinking to myself “wow he has done so much work, and for it all to be gone just because of cancer”.
So the question is… What will happen to Apple’s fate without Steve Jobs? Will Apple continue to succeed? or will they fall? As much as my friends think I hate Apple, yeah sure I don’t like Apple that much and I’m not the biggest fan. I of course still hope for the best of his company. And hey maybe he will be cured and live another 30 or 40 years.

I used to own a mac, I liked it.. Got tired of it and I think I still have it laying around somewhere lol. I think that even if Steve dies Apple will still continue and always try to do their best. I mean I can’t imagine a company that massive failing because of one person. It’s possible, but no likely.

Steve is currently on sick leave and we don’t know when he’ll return.

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