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>Being Green!



Like I have mentioned before there are few people here in Oregon that are actually geeks. Oregon likes to be “Green” Now HOLD IT RIGHT THERE…! So if our state is supposed to be green then why aren’t there many geeks? I do find it interesting because being a geek also includes the factor of conserving and being “green”. Going paperless is “green”, Using notepad on your computer or Evernote on your Android instead of tearing that paper off of your little “pad” that sits in your purse with you everywhere means you’re going green. So why is it Oregon is against technology? Why are the schools still…..still… using paper? I find this very interesting.

What is it like in your area?
Where is the greenest city? I wanna move there!

Electronics are only “non green” if people don’t follow the proper recycling procedures. If everyone followed the 3 forms of recycling then why is it a problem?

Energy st*r!
If the world was completely on renewable energy there would be less pollution, and of course people wouldn’t need to worry about their energy consumption affecting the world.Think about it…Use the electronics you want, quit using paper and writing utensils, use hybrid vehicles, and use their technology to run their life instead of using products like paper that kills the earth.
There would be very little problems.


Just remember that technology is the key to success and make sure it’s used wisely. Have an old computer? Send it in to the plant!


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