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Transfer from blogger to WordPress

Due to the inconveniences of Google’s blogger service and the lack of editing abilities WorldTechGuru has been transferred to this site.  

Due to construction of this site and the transfer of data there will not be very many posts. No worries. We will be back for you in a few days.

New user interface
Chat room will be improved and optimized for future.
Security section will be improved

Have a great day!
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>Google Wallet


Introducing Google Wallet. A new way to pay for your groceries, tech supplies, computers, and more!
I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I will write a review.

It is supported on Android and you can pay at your favorite grocery store just by hitting a button on your Android device.

Check it out:

Have a good day.

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>Hacking: SOLVED!


Hand/Computers are NOT for Hurting!

We all hate hackers, we all hate people that invade and interrupt our daily life. That’s why we are now coming out with hacking support.
Help keep the net safe by emailing, or @Mentioning a suspicious security threat.

Contact us with the information below.
Send the link, where you might be suspicious of a security threat.
Add any info you want, notes, etc.

That’s IT!
And we will get to it ASAP..

Contact Info:
Twitter: @NoHackNet

Don’t know what I’m talking about? or Need help?
No Problem!

>Microsoft Earns More Money from Android than Windows Phone 7!


Microsoft sells Windows phone licenses to many major phone manufacturer companies. like HTC. Why? Because they when they sell their WP7 licenses, they get paid for the license.

But HTC gives Microsoft 5 dollars for every Android device they sell, and Microsoft has made more money from those Android devices, than the WP7 Licenses they sell.

Why are they making more money?

Because more Android devices are sold than WP7 devices.

Currently Microsoft is trying to get other companies to pay them for selling Android devices.

Interesting huh?

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>Mac Malware


Own a Macintosh?

There is now Malware that can hurt your mac even more!

According to CNN it is…

“The trojan horse is called Mac Defender. It’s a web pop-up containing a spoof message that tells customers their machines are infected by a virus and they must install anti-virus software. If customers agree to install the software, the program sporadically loads porn websites on their computer.”

I recommend to install (real) antivirus security on your mac, just like I always have with my macs. If you don’t have Security on your mac right now, WHY DON’T YOU? I’ts still a computer!!!

Also Remember Apple isn’t going to help you much either

Have a good day!

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>We’re Still Alive-& So is Technology




I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to turn in my Semester Project for History class. 😦
Oh Well!

Even this computer survived!!
 It’s older than me!

Well enjoy your life! Keep it happy! Don’t let idiotic radicals decide your expiration date!

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>End of the World? We Shall See…


So some say that the end of the world is supposed to be on May 21, 2011. Is this true? We shall see!

How does this relate to technology?
It does.

If the world is coming to an end, it would Then 
cause many problems in technology.

It really would. But it all has to do with how the world ends.
Just think, it would destroy the internet.

So we shall see…

Have a great day!
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Sidenote: I don’t believe the world will end, but what do you think?

>Lack of posting!


I am sorry for not posting much on here. I have been trying to keep up with my studies in school as well as manage a company and work. Once school is out in June, I will make up for all those posts I have not posted.
Have a great day!
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>About: Viruses


Many people get confused when it comes to their computer security. Which is totally normal, but sometimes it can be extreme. When you get a virus, you get it pretty much only two ways.

1) You downloaded an executable or zipped file that contains a virus or spyware
2) You had been hacked by comeone on the internet and they installed the virus on your system.

Typically the reason why you got the virus is because of reason number 1.

Always look at the file you are downloading and make sure it is safe by going to and entering the website name. If it is safe then go ahead and download what you want.

Always be suspicous of .exe files (Executable) or .zip, .rar, or .tar files.

I will post more ti[ps later, have a great day!

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>Playstation Back This Week.


I have heard a few rumors in the geek community that the Sony Playstation network will be back this week.  Please comment below or contact me @worldtechguru on Twitter. Source:

Have a great day.